In March 2013, the Philomatheon Society of the Blind started the "LOVERS OF LEARNING" Book Club.  Since the word 'philomatheon' is Greek meaning lovers of learning, we only thought it appropriate for this to be the name our book club.

Our first book was: "Thunder Dog, the true story of a blind man, his guide dog and the triumph of trust at ground zero, by Michael Hingson.  Then at the end of March several of the book club members got to meet and hear Mr. Hingson speak at events held in Alliance.

Lovers of Learning Book Club meets on the Third Saturday of each month at 3 pm at the Society Office.  

If a vision problem is keeping you from enjoying reading, please contact us, we will assist you in finding other formats for reading a book, such as; large print, E-Books and Talking Books.   ALL WELCOME - COME JOIN IN ON THE FUN